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Friday, 16 November 2007

Surfing in Blogland

Had a teeny surf through Blogland last night. Lane - the opening paragraph of Past Tense is brilliant - absolutely gripping. I really want to read the whole book so Lane GET WRITING. There is a small army of blogsurfers out there just waiting with bated breath to read your book.

It's made me realise I have a long, long way to go.

I'm looking forward to the weekend because my significant other has promised he will go up into the loft and look for my two files of what he calls "my writings". It's stuff I wrote in the 1980s when I had a smidgeon of success and got a short story published in The People's Friend. I know I must have written at least twenty other short stories then, all carefully typed on an old manual typewriter with carbon copies. There are journals of the days I was a stay at home mum too so they should be interesting to say the least! When my next two stories were rejected I just walked round sulking for a few days and gave up sending any more off. If only, oh, if only I could have had the company of fellow wannabes on the internet. I just felt a monumental failure!

I remember I got the grand sum of £50 for my story. I put it towards a video recorder - a new VHS when everyone else had Betamax, so that the kids could watch videos while I made millions writing a series of brilliant books which would later be turned into films. I dreamed of the house in the country with six kids and six dogs, a Land Rover 110 County to ferry them all around in and employing a housekeeper and gardener.

Now, I find, that even if I get published I'll be lucky to make 50p an hour!

Nice to dream, though. There's always the lottery.


motherx said...

I cant believe how much you sound like me! Every time I get a story rejected I mooch about with a face like thunder. Even the poor cats cant escape my miserable face! When people tell you not to give up, (which is true of course!) it doesnt seem to help much at the time!...Ive learnt not to get too excited about things then if you do have success you are Wow! success!!! YES!...and like you I talk WAY TOO much...

Lane said...

Many years ago I won the Pebble Mill short story competition. Remember them? (I will love Denise Robertson forever). I thought I was the bees knees. For my efforts I received a Mont Blanc pen that didn't work and a signed book by an author whose name escapes me.
I'm still dreaming of the Land Rover and six dogs (although not six kids).

And there's nothing quite like 'the company of fellow wannabes on the net:-)