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Friday, 18 January 2008

"There's a dead fish in my brain"

Early yesterday morning, as I did my usual morning stint of baby-sitting my nearly 3-year old grandson for an hour before taking him to the childminder, he said there was a dead fish in his fish tank. "You get it out, Granny," he said.

I told him that daddy would get it out when he came home, and said that he must remember to tell him that there was a dead fish in the tank.

"OK," he said. "Where shall I put the remember?"

That made me laugh. I tapped his head. "In here," I said. "In your brain."

When Lee picked him up from Donna's he ran up to him and said, "Daddy, there's a dead fish in my brain."


Captain Black said...

Well they say fish is good for the brain but that may be taking things too far.

Debs said...

That was so funny, I'm still giggling as I type. Love the word meters, very impressive and your pics too.

motherx said...

Kids! dont they come out with the most off the cuff things!! Id bet you wanted to grab him in a bear hug!

Lane said...

So logical!

Nice photo Annie. Now we'll be able to spot you across a crowded pub ...


Annieye said...

Captain - very witty!

Debs - The word meters are our very own Captain Black's invention. I'm sure he'll send you them if you want.

Mother X - He's a little cutey.

Lane - You won't be able to miss me over a crowded pub! I've been trying to lose weight but have ended up putting on all I lost and a bit more from being at home eating chocolate all day!

HelenMH said...

Sadly, I know exactly how he feels!

Casdok said...

Ill have to remember that!! :)