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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Absence Note

Please may I be excused from blogging until Friday? I am suffering from toomuchworkitis this week because two of my colleagues have rung in and croaked at a dragon (me) saying they are much to ill to be at work and would only spread the lurgy anyway.

To top it all it's Council week - one of the important ones where the budget and Council Tax get set - and Big White One (MBE) barks out comments left right and centre to the humble minions and we all have to run around like headless chickens, falling at his feet with every whim and command.

Please God, don't let me forget to put my name badge on for the meeting, or horror of horrors, print out the list of questions with the wrong shade of maroon for the logo - or else I fear that poor Annie will be no more, having been hung, drawn and quartered by the Big White One in the Manor House Gardens.

(I will try to do my homework for Cloud Line, though)

Speak to you all at the weekend.


KAREN said...

You may be excused under the circumstances! There's still a lot of lurgy about - we were short-staffed at the library today.

HelenMH said...

That sounds like a very good excuse to me! I'm supposed to be 'off' work this week - but I'm struggling to tell the difference to be honest - so I do sympathise!

Debs said...

It sounds madly busy at your work place, I dont know how you keep up with it all.

motherx said...

Wondered where you were! Ive missed you!

Tom Foolery said...

Excuse accepted, don't you be working too hard now. Take care. TFX

Lane said...

As it's work, we'll let you off:-) Take care x