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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Loopy Lunchtime

I popped out to get a birthday card for a friend today. Five minutes walk into town, five minutes in the shop and five minutes back - leaving me the rest of my lunchtime to finish a short story I'd downloaded onto my dongle stick. Or so I thought!

In the card shop they had some very cheap 2008 calendars. £9.99 down to a quid. I bought two. Then, at the checkout, I bought some first class stamps.

It all came to £5.37.

"You've spent more than £5 so you can have one of those Valentine Cards free," the lady said nodding towards some huge boxed cards in the window.

I wasn't going to bother (having no-one who would appreciate a 2ft Valentine card - hubby would have doubled up laughing). Then I suddenly thought of technoson, skint and with expensive girlfriend.

I went over and chose one with "To my Girlfriend" on the front, hoping he hadn't already bought one.

I thought nothing of it, but it quite put the the elderly shop assistant about! She was all of a fluster when she gave me my change and there were some raised eyebrows to her young assistant when I left the shop.

I got back into the office, wrote the birthday card, went to put a stamp on it .... and no stamps!

I put my coat back on and trecked back into town. The shop assistant remembered me, of course. She had forgotten to put my stamps in the bag with the birthday card and calendars.

I thought I had better explain:

"That's a really good offer," I said nodding towards the free cards. "I got one for my son's girlfriend."


Debs said...

That was so funny and I suppose the good thing about her remembering you was that you didn't have to pay for another batch of stamps.

Casdok said...

Ha ha! Excellent!!

HelenMH said...

Life is so fraught with the possibility of confusion and misunderstanding isn't it!?


How funny! You can imagine them discussing it as soon as you left the shop!!

motherx said...

Thats so funny! Id bet they were saying "Shes a real dark horse!" You should have kept her guessing!

Captain Black said...

Two valentine stories in one day!

Moondreamer said...

Haha! Fantastic, Annieye, this made me giggle!


Lane said...

lol Annie. I'd love to have heard what they said when you left the shop!

I could have sworn I left a comment last night?