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Friday, 8 February 2008

Place-shaping and emotional intelligence

May I just give fellow bloggers a snapshot into creating tomorrow today? It's imperative that today's "in-crowd" learn how to be creative thinkers and a creative doers by developing their self-awareness and emotional and spiritual intelligence. There are many skills involved, such as becoming an expert in body language and using improvisation and comedy to improve communication skills. The balanced scorecard for modern business uses stories and metaphors to help people understand the implications of change and plan for the future. Holistic practitioners will guide up-and coming executives to become experts in mind/body techniques to release blocked energy and thus gain focus and purpose.

Products on offer to improve team cohesion include Inside Out, Outside In Upside Down, and Make a Difference. Aspiration is a global force for people's imagination and is the spark which will light your inner fire, improving your sense of self and common purpose for outstanding performance and results.

What is this wonderful opportunity, I can hear you all asking. How can I shape my place and become more emotionally intelligent?

Well, I'll let you into a secret. Become a Local Government Officer!


Lane said...

Cripes Annie. I didn't even understand that. Don't think I could ever be Local Government Officer! Too much blocked energy:-)

Annieye said...

Lane - neither did I! What on earth is the world coming to?

I don't think I fit in any more (but there again, probably about 90% of us don't).

I mackled it together from a brochure on team-building opportunities for middle managers in local government. Believe it or not the Inside Out, Outside In, Upside Down and Make a Difference are all programmes we can follow. The brochure nearly got filed in the bin this morning but then I had a really bright idea for a short story ......... and retrieved it!

Debs said...

Good for you for retrieving it and using it in a short story. We are constantly send emails that I simply don't understand at work. We have a new Tax Officer (have a course next week urgh!) and I have absolutely no idea what she is on about half the time. I shall just have to learn to nod at the right time.

HelenMH said...

I really can't deal with management speak. But I'd quite like to shape my place - that sounds fun!

Anonymous said...

After reading that, I think L33t is easier to understand.

Isn't it amazing how managers say a lot and impart little or no information. In my experience, most of them couldn't manage a large dinner!

Annieye said...

Kev - it was a load of b****cks!

Caused a laugh in the office, though!

By the way - my facebook experience is getting out of control due to my kids-who-should-be-old-enough-to-know
-better and husband-with-a-warped-sense-of-humour finding it hilariously funny to wind me up. They know my password so please ignore any stupid/rude/inappropriate posts.

Anonymous said...

So, like, er, change your password maybe?

Don't worry, there don't seem to be any cheeky messages.

Anonymous said...

WoW! Thats given me a brain ache! Dont know how you do it!! Ive worked in stuffy places before and nearly always got sacked!


Could you repeat that please ;)