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Monday, 4 February 2008

Who is the thief?

Last May we lost our lovely Springer Spaniel, Max, to cancer. Here is his picture.

Max was very good at stealing food without leaving a trace. He was never caught in the act, though, he was too clever for that. If Max had still been here I would have known that he was the thief. He would have crept into the kitchen and very delicately stolen just one sausage roll, leaving the others untouched.

Rob and two of our offspring have Coeliac Disease, which means they can't have anything containing gluten. Although there are a wide range "Free From" foods to choose from nowadays, I still make things like fruit crumbles, sausage rolls, cakes, pies, etc. in big batches and freeze them. The picture is of my last bumper batch of sausage rolls to freeze. I was quite proud of this batch - apart from the rack containing the neat lines of almost perfect sausage rolls destined for the freezer there was another plateful cooling on top of the fridge of those that weren't so perfect. (Note the gap at the bottom right hand corner.)

The labradors were not the culprits. Not only were they nowhere near the kitchen when the sausage rolls were cooling, but if they had managed to get in there, believe me it would have been total devastation!

Hubby said it wasn't him
It wasn't me
It wasn't technoson (he says with a cheeky grin - hmmm I wonder)
It wasn't sparkyson (he says and I believe him)
Daughter does not live here.

So - who stole the sausage roll?


HelenMH said...

Ooh, a real life mystery! The sausage roll fairy? Santa turning up a bit late - and hungry? Do you have a cat at all?

Anonymous said...

Wow! the ghost of MAX perhaps? It must be, if it wasnt the labradors and it wasnt your husband winding you up...then there is no other explanation...spooky! They look delicious btw.

Anonymous said...

It was ME!

I sneaked in with my temporal wormhole generator and helped myself, before returning to the 26th century where I belong.

Couldn't resist, sorry.

Lane said...

Agree with motherx. It was lovely Max, just letting you know that he's still with you and how much he appreciates your lovely cooking:-)

Wasn't he a beauty!

Lane said...

forgot to say Annie, there's an ward or you at my place:-)

Lane said...

award for you. doh!


Max was a handsome chap, indeed :o)

It could be the same gremlin that mysteriously swiped and ate an uncooked pizza, plastic wrapper and all, at our house recently!!

Mercedes. said...

max ws such an angle. he is beautiful.

Tried your typing test. Got 56 per min, thought i was faster. what a suprise.

I think your sausage rolls were probably eaten by Henry. He nicks everything.

Every morning he either picnches Harry or charlotte's sandwiches. He's a little bugger. Nicked Mark's tea the other night. made me laugh, didn't make Mark laugh, was so pissed off got into a mood for the rest of the evening. But then if you don't lock the door and you know what he's like what can you expect!

Henry's reach is getting longer and i think he's developed a lizard tongue too.

Lovely to have met you the other day. speak on sunday.

FPDuck said...

I like motherx's idea. I could believe it as well.

When I was younger my family had a Labrador/collie cross. Back then, my parents still decorated the Christmas tree with those little dangley chocolates.

She managed to steal the lower chocolates, whilst leaving the wrappers on the tree. We never caught her at it.

Max looks (and sounds) like he was a wonderful dog.


Tom Foolery (TF) said...

The answer can be found on my blog. Please don't be angry! TFX

Casdok said...

Ive just come from tfs and saw for myself!

Annieye said...

All - Ghost of Max my a**e! It's obvious that the Captain has teamed up with technoson in the 26th century and come back to sneak his good old mum's sausage rolls. Now why didn't I think of that at the time. It's so obvious.

Helen: We don't have a cat - just two loopy labs.

Mother X: My heart did a little flip when I saw one missing - it was so typical of Max.

Captain: See above. You an technoson wouldn't be the future equivalent of Batman and Robin, would you?

Lane: Max was the gentlest dog we have ever owned. He was just perfect (apart from snitching food). We were having a BBQ out in the garden one summer night when we watched him pop his head above the draining board - take a quick peep to see if anyone was looking and get down again when he saw that we were. A couple of minutes later he was furtively trying to reach a pavlova that was defrosting on the draining board with an outstretched paw and his head on one side on the draining board trying to avoid detection!

Thanks m'duck for the award. I'm so excited. It's my first ever!!!!

Karen: you don't have any technoteenagers by any chance, do you?

Mercedes: You have to laugh at them, don't you. Typing test: I got 72 wpm until I cut my nails and then it went up to 84. Haven't managed to better that score, though.

Fpduck: How did she manage that? Still collies are really intelligent, aren't they. Thanks for popping by. I'll have a look at your blog later on tonight.

TF: The audacity of morph! Actually, they're nearly all gone now. I made them on Saturday. Only about a dozen actually made the freezer. I don't know why I bother cooking food, it only gets eaten!!!

Casdok: I bet you couldn't believe your eyes!

Anonymous said...

annieye, can you tell me how I add favourite other peoples blogs to my profile page? too thick to work it out!! xxxthanks.

FPDuck said...

Annieye: We think that she just sucked the wrapper until the chocolate melted. And then she just sucked it out.

It's just a theory though.


Debs said...

The sausage rolls look so tasty, I'm not surprised they were nicked. They wouldn't last 2 minutes in my house!

What a beautiful dog, clever too.