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Sunday, 16 March 2008

Giving nature a helping hand

We sat eating breakfast on Saturday morning watching a thrush trying to build a nest in a climing rose bush in our garden. It had found a piece of blue plastic about six inches long - this piece of plastic was obviously crucial to the nest-building infrastructure.

It tried to drop this piece of plastic in just the right place for about half an hour. The plastic kept falling down behind the rose bush. The thrush just kept trying and trying, to no avail.

After breakfast, I had to giggle when standing at the sink, because Rob had grabbed a handful of grass and weed cuttings, stuffed it in the place where the thrush had started to build its nest, and then placed the piece of plastic in the centre.

After about five minutes the thrush came back with a beak full of fluffy stuff of some sort. It sat on the fence - puzzled. After a while it looked around and then descended on the nest built with a strange human hand. Twenty minutes later it was proud as punch of its work. It must have thought it was its lucky day!!

I just hope the neighbours' cats don't interfere with nature too ....


HelenMH said...

Lucky bird! I must admit - I tend to try not to attract birds to our garden because I don't trust my cat or next door's cat!

Casdok said...

Must have been lovely to watch.

Hope you found something of use on my blog! :)

Lane said...

Lovely! That little thrush must now have the best nest in the neighbourhood:-)

Moondreamer said...

Lovely post, Annieye, this made me smile, thank you for sharing it. The thought of your little thrush puzzling over her magical nest made me chuckle!

Good luck with the cats! Tizzy is a nightmare at this time of year. She now has three bells on her collar ... am thinking maybe a cowbell would fettle her!


Tom Foolery said...

Rob sounds nice. Yor're both just going to have to take it in turns cat watching... TFX

Debs said...

What a lovely thing to have watched. The thrush must have been most grateful for Rob's supply of next material.

Anonymous said...

Thats so sweet! Hope cat leaves well alone. Hi annieye! X

Kirsty said...

This is lovely, sounds so pretty!
I've just joined Cloud Line and saw your post about Writer's Holiday (assuming it's the one at Carleon!)I've booked too. Have you been before? :-)

KAREN said...

I wish someone would come round and tidy my house in a similarly magical fashion!

Annieye said...

Helen: Fortunately we have two dogs. Unfortunately they are labradors and don't really know how to chase cats!

Casdok: There's so much of interest on your blog that I start reading and then get engrossed. I think my daughter might be prodding me with a pointy stick to get on with it, though!

Lane: I haven't seen it again - I hope it does settle there.

Moondreamer: Our next door but one neighbours have a tiny black and white demon cat called Beckham. He's lovely really but is quick as lightning catching birds.

TF: He is (most of the time)

Debs: It was lovely to watch.

MotherX: Hi - hope you're feeling better now.

Kirsty: Hi - Congrats on making the Wannabe longlist. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. No, I haven't been before and I'm a tad nervous.

Karen: Me too!!

Kirsty said...

Just noticed your reply to this comment. I'm nervous too!
Hopefully we'll get to meet each other, which courses did you pick? :-)