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Saturday, 8 March 2008

A Writing Room of my Own

(well - almost)

My hubby has a room in the house where he's set up his drawing board and works from home since he took early retirement last year. He shifted everything out and decorated it last week. He put up more shelves and re-organised the room. I came home on Friday lunchtime to a lovely surprise.

Look at my writing corner. Isn't it just perfect? I can escape here in the evenings and get some peace and quiet when I write. Technoson has also installed wireless networking, so I can use my laptop in bed if I want to; or sitting at the kitchen table with the TV on.

I feel like a real writer now. Do you know why? It's not really that I've finally got some space I can call my own, although that's fantastic. It's because at long last Rob and our offspring have begun to take my hobby seriously.


aliqot said...

That looks great, but beware the laptop in bed syndrome - too too tempting. ;@)

I don't know how we'd survive here if we didn't each have our own space for computer stuff.

Anonymous said...

That room looks great, although it looks like you have to sit on the computer to work.

Is that a Writing for Dummies book you have on the shelf? Where can I get a copy?

Lane said...

What a lovely surprise. You're a real writer now Annie. You always have been but nice that they acknowledge that now with 'Annie's Writing Corner':-)

HelenMH said...

It's so important isn't it? I'm lucky as I have a whole conservatory to myself - just have to be disciplined enough to keep it tidy!

KAREN said...

How lovely!

I'm hoping to install wireless too, so I can use my laptop anywhere, but sometimes I think I'd be better without 24hr access to t'Internet :o)

Anonymous said...

Thats great news annieye! Really happy they are taking you seriously. WoW! your own little space....Im jealous!

Tom Foolery said...

Great looking corner Annie. TFX

Debs said...

I thought I had posted to this, not sure where it went (getting old and confused).

Love your writing place, what a thoughtful thing for hubby and technoson to have done for you. I bet you were thrilled. Happy writing.

Moondreamer said...

Oh bless, how thoughtful of hubby!

What a lovely space to write, Annieye ... enjoy!