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Thursday, 26 June 2008

Update on 'Sunlight'

  • My agent liked the re-write. I'm so relieved. I've had to send the manuscript off as an e-mail attachment ready for it to tiptoe in next to the big boys next Tuesday.
  • It feels a bit like packing a four-year old off to school for the first time. I feel physically sick with nerves.
  • Anyway, less about the novel. I'm on a diet. It's called the 'book cover diet' and it's the most effective diet I have ever embarked upon. Every time I even think of eating something I shouldn't the thought that maybe, just maybe, in a few months' time my picture may be taken for a book cover spurs me on. I joined Weight Watchers a week last Monday. Each week I promise (flippin' 'eck, now that's done it) to post my weight loss for the previous week on my blog. I also promise to publish a little bit of wisdom on dieting, or a tip each week to help you lose weight.
  • I lost 3lb the first week
  • Here's the tip for the week. Drink loads of water. Use the loos on the top floor of the building at work thus necessitating climbing two flights of stairs about twenty times a day whilst at work. This means that your employer will be paying for your daily workout. This type of activity with henceforth be known as functional inconvenience.


HelenMH said...

Great news about 'Sunlight'. Fingers and everything else crossed x

Lane said...

She liked it! As if she wouldn't!:-)

Cripes Annie, this is going so quickly. I'm sure Sunlight is going to do you proud amongst the 'big boys'!

3lbs! That's a lot in one week. Functional Inconvenience - simple but effective!:-)

Anonymous said...

Well done on your edit. Not long until it's in the shops...

Here's a diet tip: Cut out all sugary fizzy drinks. Completely. You'll be amazed at the difference.

KAREN said...

Fantastic news about the re-write.

I love the sound of the Book Cover Diet. If that doesn't inspire me to get on with writing the damn book, nothing will :o)

Maddie Moon said...

That's brilliant news about the re-write, Annie. Well done! It must be so so exciting, I wouldn't know what to do with myself!

Good luck with the diet too. 3lb is a great start, keep it up!

Debs said...

Excellent news re your rewrite. This is so exciting.

Well done for losing 3lb, I really should be following your example.

Anonymous said...

Great News about book!! with regards to diets...you could always try Zoitrim....its working for me and gives you energy to exercise.

L-Plate Author said...

Well done Annie! That's great that she liked it. Good luck with the big boys, it's so exciting! (And I've shared the same dream about being a writer on holiday...) xx

Caroline said...

Wow wow wow!
Good luck with the big boys! I feel your angst!!

I'll be submitting to agents in September (hopefully) and I feel sick every time I think about it.

I don't think it gets any easier, but oh it is fun :)