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Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Wanna Meet-Up

What a lovely day we had, didn't we?

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it and can't wait to meet up again.

I'll not be blogging very much while I race to complete my edit. I have to make sure my m/s is with my agent by Wed. 25th June.


Lane said...

It was fun wasn't it! Looking forward to the next one too.

Good luck with the edit Annie. You've done brilliantly!

(keep that scarf safe btw!)

Captain Black said...

You are hereby excused from blogging duties, for the duration of your editing.

See you at Caerleon.

motherx said...

It was a brilliant day! loved every second and cant wait to see you at the next one! X

HelenMH said...

You get your head down and concentrate on that edit. We'll all see you when you surface xxx

Denise said...

Working reality is hard after such a wonderful day! Hope you got some good advice for the edit, think god like thoughts!

Debs said...

So excited for you, best of luck for the edit.