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Thursday, 3 July 2008

An Early Morning (B)rainstorm

Melody of Raindrops


A possible title for the sequel has just presented itself to me as I complete my 1,000 words for today. It's four thirty am and I've just got up to write before going to work. Please tell me what you think. Does it work as a title? Would you buy a book with this title? I shall use it as a working title anyway because it's better than just 'Sequel to Sunlight'.


Anonymous said...

Not bad, though not as powerful as Sunlight On Broken Glass. I even like Twisted Garlands better.
Thus endeth my subjective opinion ;o)

Annieye said...

In the cold light of day I don't really like it that much, either. It'll do for now, though, as a working title.

Denise said...

I definitely think you're onto something with the weather analogy though. It makes sense to follow sunlight with something that suggests the link. I quite like MOR but it sounds a bit gentle. Something with storms or rain clouds?

You'd better be on here/email quick sharp once you have some news from the publishers. I'm getting really nervous for you!


In my humble opinion, if the melody was say a poetic Bob Dylan track or a bit of foot stomping fiddle playing then I would buy but if it's rap or house music then count me out. (I love the raidrops part of the title) :) TFX

Lane said...

Been thinking about this today Annie. I like it and like Denise, I like the link (via weather) to Sunlight. (That's a lot of 'likes':-)

Somehow though, it doesn't grab me like Sunlight and maybe that's because it doesn't seem to echo the prologue like Sunlight did so brilliantly.

Any news yet? Can't wait to hear the outcome!!

HelenMH said...

Symphony of Raindrops? Mmmm, will give this some more thought.