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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The Incredible Shrinking Ann(ie)

Now lost ten and a half pounds. (Only another two pounds to go and I shall weigh the same as I did this time last year.) I put on nearly a stone sitting on my backside writing 'Sunlight on Broken Glass'.

Kevin - please STOP me pigging out in Wales. Remind me that it's taken me five weeks of severe self-deprivation to lose the equivalent of ten and a half packets of slimy, greasy white lard.

The weight watchers leader had a dozen packets stacked up on the front table this week. It made me feel quick ill looking at them.

Mind you - my extremely tactful hubby has just reminded me that he can't tell yet.


Captain Black said...

I'll probably be going for morning runs in Wales, so feel free to join me Annie.
Seriously though, well done on your pound shedding regime. You're doing really well.

Annieye said...


hesitant scribe said...

Aren't hubbys just great for not noticing!!! Fab achievement on shedding the pounds - it's so easy to put them on and so difficult to shift them again.

p.s. Not taking up Capt's offer of a nice(?!) run in the morning?!!!!

motherx said...

Your husband sounds like mine! while I killed myself doing many sit ups he said "Well you obviously have a lot of work to put in yet!!"

KAREN said...

That's brilliant, well done! I've got a bit of lard to lose myself at the moment :o0


Well done Annie. I've just joined a gym. What! Work are paying, it's free to all employees. Can't resist a freebie now can I? :) TFX

Debs said...

Well done you. I really should follow your lead and start thinking about losing some weight too. Unfortunately my husband doesn't notice that I'm a bit of a podge in the first place, which doesn't help.