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Saturday, 24 November 2007

Backing up your work

Please, please everyone back up your work. I had a scare this morning when pc asked for a Windows XP password - completely out of the blue. The password hint said "red" I spent two hours with a dictionary putting in everything that began with "red". I knew it was not a password we had ever put in, because the entire family uses the same password for everything.

Close to tears I woke up technoson, who thankfully fixed it in five minutes. I was so relieved I was a bit rash and gave him twenty quid!

All I could think of was my book - I didn't care about anything else. I had backed the first draft on a memory stick, but all my precious editing over the past five weeks or so would have been lost.


Anonymous said...

Thats scary! Im emb to say I dont even know how to back my work up!!! You must have been freaking out!

Lane said...

Glad you got it sorted.
Graeme K Talboys did a great post about backing up. His link is on my page. I think the post was in September. It's invaluable.
Also, I email chapters to myself (to a web based email ie. gmail or hotmail) just to be on the safe side.
Stay safe:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just wanted to say thanks to your daughter! That was very kind of her to leave such a kind message! I appreciate it. Have a great day whatever you do. X

Debs said...

How ghastly. I would have been completely hysterical. Im now going to read that link on Lane's site. So relieved for you that it was all sorted in the end.