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Monday, 26 November 2007

The Rat

One of my lovely Labradors sometimes wants to go out in the middle of the night. It's usually me who has to get up to let him out.

2.40 am saw this morning saw me traipsing about in the dark in my dressing gown that is in dire need of a wash. I didn't put any lights on because lights-on mean playtime to this particular Lab.

I opened the back door and waited for him, shivering. It was bloody cold last night. I heard a rustle behind me in the utility room and looked round. There was a rat scurrying across the floor. I screeched, leapt outside and shut the back door, thus locking in the offending rodent. I stood there for about ten minutes wondering what to do. The landing light came on in the house next door and I saw the curtains twitch as I hid in the garden. Then I had a sudden thought. What if there are more rats lurking under the shed? Looking around I spotted a dark object about six feet away and whispered "fetch" to Zak, who thought I was mad. (When I checked this morning it turned out to be a furry pheasant soggy dog toy.)

I braced myself to go back into the utility room and shoved Zak in ahead of me. He stood there, tail thumping noisily on the washing machine. It was no good, I knew I had to put the light on. I sat on the worktop which is piled high with ironing that needs doing (needed to get my feet off the floor, see) and poked at the light switch with a feather duster. My heart was hammering as a large dead leaf sat majestically on the mat by the sink. Well - it did look a bit like a rat!


Lane said...

Thank goodness it was a leaf!!

I won't bore you with my rat story. Suffice to say it involved a cat, a Peggy,a husband with a bitten finger and a trip to hospital:-(

And 2.40am??? What sort of inconsiderate time is that for a wee. I'm surprised you're not hallucinating:-)

Annieye said...

Oh please, Lane, it sounds hilarious!
By the way, Labradors are USELESS great lummoxes. They both sleep in our bedroom on a very nice cream leather sofa I inherited from my mum. Spoilt or what? However, when it comes to chasing cats, rats, plastic bags, etc., they just can't be bothered!

Anonymous said...

I cant believe you got up at that time to let him out! I have 2 persian cats and they are always trying their luck at all sorts of odd hours to get out. I end up saying "Ssssh!" in my sleep!! But thank God! it wasnt a rat! it was begining to sound like a passage from Stephen King! Just goes to show your imagination doesnt switch off!!!

Tom Foolery (TF) said...

A touch of night vision here me thinks ...so glad in wasn't a rat TFX

Debs said...

How horrible. What is it about dogs that they need to wee at such inconsiderate hours but when its raining outside and daytime they can sleep and not ever need to go. Or is that just mine?

Annieye said...

Or when it's raining you can't get them to go out for love nor money!

Mercedes. said...

Oh my God annie! Thank God you're mad. Imagine if it had been a rat! I have mice in the house all the time. Polly and fred (2 cats) are forever bringing them in. I am sick of them. Leaves I can cope with.