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Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Every Dog Has His Day

Just a short post today.

My hubby reversed into a wall in the van yesterday. Boy - was he angry! It was all the wall's fault because it was only eighteen inches high and it leapt out in front of him as he reversed, jumping up and down gleefully like a naughty Gremlin.

Anyway Technoson wouldn't let him forget it. He went on about it all night - making helpful comments every few minutes something like: "Never mind, dad, Nathan'll fix it. It'll only cost the business about two hundred quid."

It was so funny - because in the summer Technoson drove to Alton Towers and blew his engine up on the way overtaking a Merc. (He has a 1000cc VW Polo - so it was a bit stupid, but he learned his lesson as it cost him a packet to fix it.) Dad was, quite frankly, a sanctimonious unhelpful old b****d all through the costly repair process, adopting a holier than thou attitude, conveniently forgetting the time he buggered up our old Moggie 1100 racing it when we were Technoteenagers in the 1970s showing off with our 8-track blasting through the open windows.

I winked at Technoson as I gently reminded him of the above. As they say - Every Dog Has His Day!


Captain Black said...

Laughed out loud at this! Almost had to clean my computer screen. "...jumped out in front of him as he reversed..." That's brilliant.

Lane said...

Of course it was the walls fault for being so small:-)

Glad your son's got you on his side!