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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Thank you Kev!

Thank you Kev for your brilliant feedback, which I shall take on board. My daughter has bought me Steven King's "On Writing" for Christmas, so I have resisted the urge to get it out of the library so far, but I am really looking forward to reading it.

I am gradually creeping out of the writing closet like a hedgehog just emerging from hibernation - or maybe perhaps more like a tortoise - and flippantly weaving the fact that I have written a book into casual chit-chat with trusted friends. I didn't realise what a conversation-stopper it was! This morning, over coffee, I tossed the little gem into musings with Donna about potential part time work prospects while she is a stay-at-home mum to her young children. Well, you would have thought I'd tossed a bone into a pack of hungry dogs!

There were three other women in the room who, with one ear, I could hear gossiping nastily about someone I don't know but feel suddenly very sorry for.

The other conversation stopped and three heads turned towards me simultaneously.

"What?" You've written a whole book. The ringleader nasty gosspiper threw daggers at me with her eyes.

I mumbled something - can't remember what. I felt acutely embarrassed and wished I hadn't said anything until Donna grabbed my hand and shook it, jumping up and down with excitement that she was finally friends with someone famous!

All right! I know what you are all thinking. I should have put her right there and then, and I'm going to have to burst her bubble sometime - but I think I'll wait a while!

Editing my book is going well, but my extremely critical alter ego (alias Ima, my childhood imaginary friend) is finding that huge chunks is absolute and utter crap and forcing me under duress to re-write some chapters. I wish she'd just shut up and go away, or at least say something constructive for a change. Or at the very least, bring a huge bar of chocolate and bottle of wine with her!

I am going to see my lovely Auntie Barbara for yet another cup of coffee in a few minutes, as I'm not at work today. My Auntie Barbara is my surrogate mum as I am a poor orphan Annie and miss my real mum something wicked.

I am going to give her this blog address so she can keep me in line. I might even persuade her to set up a blog of her own as she is a very interesting person.

Once again, thanks guys for commenting on my blog.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words, Annie. It's always nice to feel useful.

Your friend Donna was absolutely right (and who cares about those nasty gossipers anyway). I'm confident that in time you will not need to correct her.

I know that editing is very hard but necessary. It's always painful to have to chop out the bits that need to be chopped out. Especially when you're proud of them. I guess they can always go into the Stuff_to_use_for_second_book folder.

Let the tortoise become a hare!

Lane said...

Sounds like the nasty gossiper would probably have trouble reading a whole book:-)
Women like that give 'the monstrous regiment of women' a bad name.
Enjoy your time with your Auntie Barbara and keep going with the edit:-)

Mercedes Grayshon said...

Enjoyed your partial. And remember, edit and then edit some more.

Love you dogs. How cute are they! :)

Women! monstrous creatures some of them. not us though ha ha ha!

love your blog, keep it up and thanks for being so kind about mine. you sweetie. x