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Saturday, 17 November 2007

Little Boys and Torches

I bought my grandson a torch yesterday.

Little Miss Prim (daughter) and Son Outlaw went out to a charity do last night so T arrived at 6.15. Grandad and I took him to Hobson's Choice - a quite nice family pub where you get two meals for a tenner. The torch came too. T and I went to order the meals. The torch came too. In the queue he got talking to a little girl and they toddled over to acquaint themselves with a cheerful snowman in the corner. The torch went too.

Halfway through our meal T wanted a wee. The torch went too. Two hours (yes, I kid you not - two hours) later, the man came and cleared away T's chicken nuggets. He said to T - this will all have to go in the bin now because you haven't eaten it. Grandad said "yes and that blasted torch will go too."

Later, T had his bath. The torch had one too. He had his bot-bot which Granny had to hold for him because the torch was right there waiting for its share.

I said, "go and choose a book for your story." The torch went too. I read a story to the torch about penguins pulling Santa's sleigh because the reindeer had flu.

As I tucked the torch in bed, Tyler went too. Peeping round the door ten minutes later the rude torch flashed at me right in my face! Half an hour later T was fast asleep and the batteries in the torch were too.


Fiona said...

This is so sweet and very, very funny:)

I would love to read Getting It Right. Do send over to: petsittinguk@aol.com - Just the thing for read in bed with a nice mug of coffee.

PS Don't tell Lane as I've promised to GET ON with novel.

Anonymous said...

Hi! That is so funny and reminds me of 2 certain boys! Torches are a big hit in out house also! Thank you for your lovely comments, I appreciate it. One sunday I will have to try to join you all for a chat...boys permitting!X but I hope to be at the meeting in Jan.

Debs said...

Loved reading about your grandson and the torch. So funny. It takes me back to when my 16 yr old son was small.