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Monday, 19 November 2007

Short Story

Short story "Putting Things Right" now in post to WW. First one for 23 years. Thanks, fellow wannabes and bloggers for your useful feedback and comments. Keeping fingers crossed, but it might be months before I hear anything. Still struggling with editing my book, but thanks to Mercedes I've realised that its definitely better to do a chapter, or couple of chapters, at a time. I'm not happy with my account of TB in the 1920s in my book, so heading off to the library at lunchtime to do a bit more research. I could do with interviewing someone with first hand knowledge - any suggestions?


Lane said...

Well done with getting it sent off and good luck:-)

Anonymous said...

Best of luck.
Got my fingers crossed for you.

Anonymous said...

Well done and lots of luck to you! Im full of admiration as I never finish anything! Also many thanks for your kind comment. That girl you speak of sounds amazing!X

Annieye said...

Thanks everyone. It'll be good practice if nothing else!