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Sunday, 27 January 2008

Moles, Joy-Riding and Dire Straits

Actually quite pleased to be tagged – I couldn't think of a single thing to blog about today, and it's not like me to be lost for words, Tom Foolery thanks for saving the day.

The idea of this tag is that you have to state six quirky, odd things about yourself, or little habits. Not big scary life-changing confessions or anything - just little bits of strangeness.

My husband says I'll have no trouble finding at least ten times that amount of peculiar facts about me. (Git,) Right, here we go.

1. I don't know my left from my right without looking to see where my wedding ring is (know that wedding ring goes on left hand – see?)

2. Years ago I had a troublesome moley thing on my boob, which had to be removed. It was actually a third nipple and caused much hilarity and innuendo. My best friend very sympathetically said I would have been dunked as a witch in the olden days. (Cow.)

3. I went joy riding at the age of fifteen. My mum said I was in with the wrong crowd and easily led. I agree with her excuse completely.

4. I failed my eleven-plus exam and went to a mixed-sex secondary modern school, much to the horror of my parents. Five children from my class were selected - but weren't told what the test was - to have another chance at thirteen). I passed, was congratulated by the Head Teacher and given a letter to give to my parents, saying I could transfer to the High School. I ripped it up, threw it in the hedge on the way home and kept my mouth shut because there was no way in the world I was going to go to an all-girls school. A subsequent, posted, letter came during the Easter holidays addressed to my dad. I intercepted it, typed a very eloquent reply on mum's typewriter, forged my dad's signature and voila .... no-one ever knew! That is, until the parent consultation night at the end of the summer term ... oops, forgot about that, didn't I?

5. My most favourite track ever is "Why Worry" by Dire Straits. I have it in the car, on CD in the kitchen and on my MP3 player which goes everywhere with me. I bet I've listened to it most days for the last twenty-odd years. It's better than popping a Prozac when you need 8 minutes and 31 seconds of immersing yourself in a little bubble of self-indulgence and escaping from the world and everyone in it. A close second in the "Prozac" category is 10cc "I'm not in Love" and Led Zeppelin "Stairway to Heaven".

6. I am hopelessly clumsy and have no co-ordination whatsoever. Dancing is out of the question (see No. 1). I got banned from ballet lessons at the age of five because of it and caused devastation at aerobics thirty years later.

Now, I tag the following Mercedes, Captain Black and Mother X

The small print: Link to the person that tagged you. Post the rules on your blog. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself. Tag random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.


Tom Foolery (TF) said...

Annieye, my pleasure. Excellent selection of music. Did they make you go to the all-girl's school in the end ? TFX

Anonymous said...

So funny! laughed my head about you and the letter from school! just the sort of thing I would have done! I will do the tag, just have to think of some things as my mind has gone strangely blank...now thats weird!

Anonymous said...

btw, am I being thick? crap at this computer stuff! but when youve been tagged what is it you have to copy onto your blog ? derrr...I know! also how do you put other peoples blogs that you visit on your page ?

Annieye said...

TF: My mum was absolutely furious with me and if it had been down to her she would have made me transfer schools. Dad was cross too, but not so mad as mum and he was more on my side. In the end they both said I didn't have to go if I didn't want to. (Bless them both - they're both dead now. They were fantastic parents.)

Mother X: You just need to copy the small print bit at the bottom of mine; you could put it at the top if you like.

Adding a list of favourite blogs:-

Go to "customise" at the top of your blog.

Click on "add a page element"

Then click on "Link List" and put a heading in if you want to.

Then just add each link in turn - bycopying and pasting in the website address.

Save it all at the end.

Putting a link into a blog is easy. Do the blog as normal but highlight the word you want to trigger the hyperlink. Then click on the icon on the formatting bar (hover your mouse over the icons and you'll see which one it is). Then just paste in the hyperlink into the box.

Hope this helps.

Looking forward to meeting you on Wednesday.


Lane said...

I love all the little quirky details that memes reveal:-)

Looking forward to Wednesday Annie!


Absolutely LOVE no. 4. What a naughty genius!!

FPDuck said...

Wonderful answers there- loved number 4.

And who can't relax to Dire Straits? I always loved 'Money for Nothing'.


Debs said...

Loved reading that. I was too much of a wuss to hide a letter from my parents but I was "asked to leave" (as my father insists on calling it) the convent where I went to school and my aunt is a nun with the same order.

Moondreamer said...

Hi Annieye!

Thanks for the comment, just popped over to say, I'm not sure if you got the response to your lovely invitation? I replied to your comment on my post and have just realised you might not have read it ... I always tick follow up comments (because I am nosey!), but have realised it's not always a good idea. In fact it's a bad idea on an interesting post, Casdok's chocolate post, for example! (Just loads more to read in the morning, before I actually do any writing ...)

I can't come on Wednesday, but I really wish I could, and would love to next time ... it would be lovely to meet you all in person (and give you all a huge hug!)

I hope you all have a wonderful time (I know you will!)

Anyway, this comment is more like a missive (sorry!) but I just want to add:

Great answers to the meme ...

Think I'd better leave it at that! :o)

Annieye said...

Lane: Me too!

Karen: Was indeed very naughty but I was no genius!

FPDuck: I love listening to Dire Straits. Brothers in Arms is my favourite Album.

Debs: And our daughters think we don't know what they're up to? How embarrassing that your aunt was a nun at the convent!

Moondreamer: It would have been lovely if you could have come too. Never mind, I suppose we'll meet up again.