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Monday, 28 January 2008

London on Wednesday

Right. Do I wear black trousers or jeans. Do I wear my black posh coat that makes me look like a granny, my tweedy bit less-posh jacket that my daughter likes and has borrowed (so must be just a teeny bit funky), my faithful old parka or my olive green suede jacket. I could wear a skirt, though. My long black one? Oh no! Can't wear a skirt because would have to wear long black boots. Definitely not. Wore them yesterday and they absolutely KILLED my feet. Do I wear a jumper or dressy-up top? Or perhaps that new top I bought in the sales - mind you it might hang below my tweedy bit less-posh jacket. Will have to wear old faithful shoes - will have to polish them before Wednesday because they're a bit muddy - can't risk my feet hurting - might have to walk a bit. How far is it from St Pancras to Euston? Should I risk walking and getting lost or get the tube?

Oh - bloody hell. Will have to go shopping tomorrow lunchtime. Haven't got a single thing to wear!

Dare I park in the Council car park and walk to the station? Someone might see me. I might have to talk to someone who says "where are you going?" What will I say? Could park in the station car park but that will cost a fiver for the day when I could park at work for nothing. Oh no! What if I see someone I know on the train or at the station!

Ohmigod! I'm going to London. On my own, to meet people I've never met before. What if Kev and Mercedes forget me and leave me at Euston?

Lane - your daughter is right! She's a good sensible girl. I'm putting my photo back up on the blog for a day because I need people to know I'm not really a bloke called Arthur with a pierced whatsit and rude tattoos. I'll put up a nice mumsy/granny one this time so that Lane's daughter won't worry.

Must remember to charge phone. Download Christmas pics off camera. Don't forget camera. Don't forget phone. Take some tissues in case get overcome with emotion and snivel. Remember comb so don't look like Ken Dodd when meet Kev and Mercedes.

Do I just hold out my hand and say "how nice to finally meet you." Really formal. No. Perhaps not. Will I make a prat of myself? Just say "Hello?" Try not to talk with a 'Ketrin' accent.

Must remember to tell someone not to let me have more than four alcoholic drinks UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Four is absolute limit or else will act really silly and do things like shutting my eyes so no-one can hear what I'm saying. Or like on New Year's Eve 1999 when tried to snog son-in-law for saving husband's life when a big mega firework hit the tree!


motherx said...

Ha ha! sounds to me like we will get on very well! whatever you wear Im sure you will look gorgeous. I am wearing my usual...Jeans!
Just pray i sleep well or Ill be in one of those forced happy moods which I hate.
3 wines are my limit or I get LOUD.
Cant wait to meet you!

Lane said...

Clothes!!??? Hadn't thought about them! Do we have to wear them?? Nobody told me!

Camera!! I'd forgotten that too. So much to remember. I'm really not used to this gadding about lark:-)

And breathe.....It's going to be such fun Annie. Really looking forward to it now. i think we should just bypass the hand shakes and curtsey instead ... at least to Jane:-)

Thanks for putting up your photo. I've just shown daughter and she thinks you look lovely (which you do) and it's put her mind at rest, bless her.

See you there;-) xx

HelenMH said...

Oh! So jealous! Wish I could come ...

Captain Black said...

Do I detect a certain nervousness here? Not surprising really. I am a bit too.

BUT, don't forget this is informal. In other words it doesn't matter what you wear, just as long as you are there (isn't that a song). Just wear something you are comfortable in.

And don't worry about the Kettering accent. I was born in Northampton!

motherx said...

Hope I can make it. Feeling slightly nervous now.

Denise said...

I think we're all having the same thoughts this morning! You've just reminded me that I hadn't charged my almost flat phone, got me thinking about what top to wear (has to be jeans for me!) and now I'm worrying about what happens if I get there first. Do we have a table booked in Kev's name or shall I lurk near the bar and hope to recognise one of you?!

It sounds like far too many cameras will be in attendance for my liking!

I'm very tempted to splurge on a cab from paddington...

motherx said...

Sorry Im being an idiot. Im sure you can tell I dont get out much!! See you there. xxx

Debs said...

I can never find anything to wear and always want to go on a diet when I do have to dress up (never do though). I wish I was coming too, can't wait to hear about it. Have a lovely time.