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Friday, 25 April 2008

My Me Time

I've never needed much sleep. As a child I'd snuggle myself down under the covers with the Famous Five, the Secret Seven, a torch, a pen and a writing pad and the dark hours would just fly by. I'd hug my knees in secret defiance of parental constraints about needing my sleep, listening to my dad snoring, my brother muttering randomly as he slumbered the night away and the tick of the grandfather clock in the hall.

I think my parents knew I was a night owl, but turned a blind eye to it because I never did cause any bother. (Until I got to be a teenager and get up at 4.00 am in the summer, sneak out and take my little dog around Wicksteed Park lake instead, causing them great worries when I was missing at breakfast-time!)

My average as an adult seems to be about five hours, but is linked to brain activity. Sometimes it just won't shut down, no matter what I do, and I end up only sleeping for about two or three hours. A bit like a car engine revving out of control.

So here I am taking a few minutes out of my 'Me Time' to write my blog. It's 2.40 am and I've just made myself my early morning cuppa! Mind you, I did go to bed at 9.00 pm last night, which was early even for me.

I absolutely love writing in the middle of the night. This time is mine - all mine and no-one can take it away from me.

Sitting here on my laptop in the middle of the night I chuckle to myself. I've come such a long way since reading Jane's 'Wannabe a Writer' last summer. No more do I have to scribble in secret in the middle of the night and guiltily hide away my writings as if they were a sinister, dark secret.

I can be a proper writer now. And writers are a bit scatty and eccentric aren't they? So posting a blog at three in the morning is not really all that odd, after all.


Captain Black said...

Sleep is so annoying. Imagine what we could achieve if we didn't need it.

It's great that you've come out of your writer's shell now. I remember those first hesitant Sundays in the WaW chat room.

HelenMH said...

I agree with Captain. I sometimes really begrduge the time I spend asleep because I know I could get things done if I was awake. Sadly though, unlike you, I really need my sleep. I know I couldn't cope on five hours - I need more like ten!

motherx said...

You are so right! I was awake half the night worrying about how to write a synopsis! To the point of giving myself a headache and poping pills at 1am!

Lane said...

Captain's right. We've all come a long way since last summer. We've got a lot to thank Jane for:-)

We're all wired differently when it comes to sleep aren't we? I couldn't survive for long on your regime Annie but I do like to get up ridiculously early in the morning to claim some 'Me Time'.

KAREN said...

I'd love to be able to get up and write in the night. Once or twice I've carried on writing into the early hours, but usually I'm out like a light the minute my head meets the pillow.

Of course you're a proper writer!

Moondreamer said...

I agree about sleep being a nuisance ... and unfortunately I have always needed loads!

I loved reading Secret Seven under covers too (lovely memories, Annieye, thank you!)and am still very much a night owl, I seem to get into a creative flow just when everyone else is going to bed.


FPDuck said...

I know the feeling! I often have bouts of insomnia because I can't turn off. At university, I regularly went 2-3 days without sleep because I couldn't turn off.

On the upside, according to my A level psychology teacher, apparently it means I can't be hypnotised.

No acting like a chicken for me! Bwawk...