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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Taser Guns and Planning Meetings

At 4.00 pm yesterday afternoon I was looking forward to getting home to a takeaway, a nice relaxing evening and doing some writing before going to bed early with a book. Bliss.

We had a controversial application going to Planning last night. It wasn't my meeting, so I made sympathetic noises to a colleague and felt relieved I didn't have to cope with it. There were 75 objectors to one particular application.

Now - it's impossible to take the minutes at a meeting when you are suddenly ... well ... 'colonically challenged', and that's what happened to my colleague. She had to go home. There was absolutely no alternative. I ended up doing the meeting.

The Council Chamber was absolutely packed - standing room only. The sound system failed mid-way through the meeting. It went on and on and on. I ended up not getting home till half past nine (and I'd left for work at 8.00 am that morning,)

Then to top it all - when I did eventually get home after being directed by multiple police to Europa and back again just to be able to access my driveway, they'd eaten my takeaway and hubby said there had been an 'incident' down the bottom of our street involving the entire area being sealed off with police swarming everywhere and reports of someone being shot!!!

Now this is in sleepy little Barton Seagrave - a respectable little village on the outskirts of Kettering. Shot? Shot! I thought. NO! People dont get shot in Barton Seagrave!

These are two headlines that appeared today on BBC News and in today's papers:-




How on earth did I manage to be involved in TWO headlines in one day!!!

No wonder I couldn't get to sleep last night and was blogging at 3.45 am.


HelenMH said...

Gosh, you do live life in the fast lane don't you?

KAREN said...

Good Lord! I shall be looking out for you on the six o' clock news today, just in case!

motherx said...

Thats too much excitement!! Nothing much happens around here, you must have wondered what on earth was going on! btw, see you on the 5th!

Captain Black said...

Sounds like a normal day in Sutton.

How was Europa? Did you meet the Wilsens?

Lane said...

Good grief Annie! I often wonder why your posts or comments are labelled 3.45am. Now I know!

Tom Foolery said...

Holy moses Annie, what a day!

(An 8 worded award awaits you over at my place TFX )

Denise said...

Taser guns is one thing, but they ate your takeaway!!! I hope they felt very guilty and waited on you after one hell of a day :)