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Saturday, 10 May 2008


I'm sitting in the garden with my laptop , wirelessly connected to the internet with one labrador draped across my feet and the other sitting with his head in my lap, watching me type.

A solitary blackbird is trying to out-trill a thrush and the hum of the lawnmower in the front garden indicates that hubby has moved on from the side of the house to the front with his lawnmower. I breath in the fresh smell of cut grass.

I'll just cut out the scene about neatly trimmed borders, weed-free perfect lawns, newly planted hanging baskets and the inviting cedarwood summer-house because the reality is that the borders need seriously weeding, there is a pile of rubble in the corner of the garden waiting for a skip and the cedarwood summer-house is really a soon-to-be-cleared-of-junk greenhouse ready for the annual tomato and cucumber planting ritual.

I'm just about to plug myself into my MP3 player and write my homework piece for Cloud-line. Daughter-in-law-to-be is in the kitchen, making us all sandwiches for lunch (she needs to practise!)

The lawnmower's stopped and Rob's just appeared to put it away and fetch the strimmer.

'Are you writing another story?' he asks.

'Umm - sort of,' I reply.

'Well, if you are, then I'll leave you in peace. Do you want a cuppa?'

Smug giggle behind hand. My little short story success has worked absolute wonders in more ways than one!

Well!! We have just built an extension - what do you expect? We can't all have perfect gardens!


Lane said...

You sneaky thing Annie! But worth it eh?
I haven't done my homework this week. Norty Cloud-Liner:-(
Enjoy the weather. I hope it lasts!

HelenMH said...

Oh, it sounds like you've got everything sorted. Well done you x

Captain Black said...

Pah! I don't even have a garden :o(

KAREN said...

Sounds lovely. And you can always sit with your back to the rubble!

motherx said...

Thats very clever of you! you have given me some very good ideas for D!..only problem is I have to get published first!!

Debs said...

Sounds like a blissful afternoon.

Moondreamer said...

That's my idea of bliss, too, Annieye ... may you have many more blissful days this year!

We are blessed with a garden at the front back and side of the house ... but only one of them looks more garden than jungle.

Lol! Great to hear your short story success is working such wonders. Wishing you much continued success!