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Thursday, 9 July 2009


I've posted on 'Cutting it Fine' for those fellow writers who are members. I can't quite make up my mind whether I am pleased with my agent's comments or a really despondent. Still - at least she thinks the Cuckoo is a 'jolly good story'. So that can't be bad.

I'd just like to know who makes up all these rules about genre.

Byesie bye for now. Still, it's all part of being a writer, isn't it. No pain, no gain!


Lane said...

Your agent's comments are all positive Annie. I know there's still work to do but hey - you've come this far!
Have a breather... then get back in there:-)

Lane said...

That sounds bossy. You know what I mean:-)

Debs said...

It's a long hard slog, this writing lark.

I'll go and have a read now.x

Karen said...

It's always a shock (to me anway!) when you realise that writing the novel is only the beginning of the hard work!

At least there were positive comments to work on, which can only be good :o)

HelenMHunt said...

Karen is so right - it is only the beginning to write the bloomin' thing! You are so far down the road though - nearly there xxx

Tam said...

Don't be despondent, good novels are crafted, not written :-)

Leigh Russell said...

It's a long road, Annie, but don't let anyone or anything put you down. You never expected it to be easy, did you? And when your book is published, then comes the effort to promote it and make sure it sells well. My book launched a month ago and my life's gone mad. So far this week I've done a book signing in Bath, attended a crime writers' event in Cambridge, given a talk to a lovely group of people, and tomorrow I'm off to London for a meeting, then at an arts centre to give another talk. On Friday I'm meeting a journalist, Saturday another book signing... and so it goes on. It's very time consuming, but I love meeting readers. It's a great thrill reading reviews on amazon and signing books in the bookshops! But the real buzz is the writing. So hang on, Annie. However long it takes. And don't stop writing.

Leigh Russell said...

Perhaps I should have mentioned, Cut Short is the first in a new series of crime thrillers. You can read about it out on amazon - I'd love to hear what you think of it if you have time to read it.

Mid-lifer said...

Well - I'm impressed with how much you write. i realise with shame I haven's blogged since january.


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