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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Day One - Nanowrimo

Well, managed 2,442 words in just over two and a half hours this morning, but it was completely uninterrupted writing time as hubby - very wisely - left me alone and technoson didn't fall through the front door until 5.30 am and so was in bed in an alcohol-induced stupour until midday.

I'm a bit concerned about tomorrow's word count (Monday). I'm at work all day and then have an evening Council meeting. I've got out of the habit of my early morning sessions, so I'm torn between going to bed now - 9.30 pm on Sunday and getting up at 4.00 am to write, or trying to write a little bit more before I go to bed.

The novel is called 'Horns of Angels' (working title) and is set in the Lake District and Crete. I have never visited either place, although I'm sort of hoping for a fact-finding weekend in the Lake District during the re-write. I'm not holding my breath, though. Hubby is not really a weekend break sort of bloke, especially during the shooting season.


Karen said...

That's such a good word count, you can probably get away with writing a little less today! And you should definitely hold out for a fact finding weekend :o)

Debs said...

Great word count and I love the title.

I'm a bit gaga after work today, but knew I would be, so not sure how much I'll get done tonight.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry. Knowing you, you'll have the whole thing done by around the third week.


Come on woman! Pull your socks up! Faster, faster ;-) TFx

HelenMHunt said...

I've spent a fair bit of time in the Lake District, including last Christmas, so if you want any pointers let me know. I may also be able to dig out some photos!