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Sunday, 11 March 2012

"Being Sophie"

Three birthday candles on a cake made by mum.

A birthday filled with laughter and fun.

But who do I see, peeping round the door?

Princess Zelda – "Oh no, she's not FOUR!"

The trouble is, Zelda has got it wrong;

This grown-up girl is too tall and strong!

"Princess Zelda – Go away!

You were supposed to come on Sophie's FOURTH birthday."

Ah, that's better, but now Peter Rabbit is here,

Hopping around drinking Grandad's beer.

"Oh no, Peter, you had better go quick

Or Grandad will shout at Uncle Nick!"

Now, who is that I can see with the pretty hair?

It's Cinderella, with the Prince – the soppy pair!

He's a naughty Prince to be so fruity

As to kiss Cinderella after waking the Sleeping Beauty!

Is ANYONE coming to see Sophie Rose?

With lots of presents and pretty new clothes?

It's all going horribly wrong

At this rate, all she will get is a birthday song

"Hello, Miss Hoolie, have you a story?

What? There's a problem in Balamory?

Oh no! So sorry you will have to rush

Back to Spencer, and his lost paintbrush."

"Oh hi! Come on in, Miss Peppa Pig.

How nice to see you and George, all round and big.

No! Don't be so greedy and eat all the cake,

And give yourselves a stomach ache."

Look, Sophie, who is this looking very pretty?


Bringing love and happiness now you are THREE

From the Ireson-Vaughan-Smiths – your family!

© Annie Ireson

11th March 2012


Jane Risdon said...

Annie, how lovely and what a future treasure for her. I would something to be getting something like this in the future, if I were her. What a lovely Grandma you are. I loved it.

the ebay lady said...

Awe,cute blog!!! I just followed you. I am new to blogger, and hoping you'll follow back. Thanks in advance!