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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Thank you all

Thank you all for your fantastic words of support.

Pat: You sound like such a lovely lady. Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time out from your own writing to give me such hugely appreciated words of wisdom and sprinklings of 'lucky dust'.

Lane: I hadn't thought of that. What does a poxy couple of months matter in the grand scheme of things? The early mornings are a way of life now. Looking forward to seeing you on Monday!

Helen: So sorry about Smudge, and thanks for your kind words. I don't get the impression your novel is limping at all. See you on Monday!

Debs: It's also very scary as well as exciting. I think you are a very focused writer and your shed will end up being your very unique selling point! I wish you could come to London on Monday. It would be great to meet you.

TF: Thanks, and sorry I haven't had time to write about your pictures on your blog. I just love your pictures and you are a truly creative person. Your blog makes me smile and sometimes inspires my writing, so thank you.

L-Plate: Yep - us Council girls need to stick together on the couch - let's just hope its a 'Richard and Judy' couch eventually for us and not a great big long waiting couch, although they don't seem to be doing too well in their new slot, do they? Your comment the other day about ideas for your books: I find there is nothing better than a good old Council meeting - I get loads of little gems that way and sometimes the few minutes before the meeting, or the ten minutes or so afterwards, is a little gold mine! (Can you snaffle a day's leave to come to London with us on Monday? It would be great to meet.)

Karen: Thanks for your support. I'm a bit like you - once I get going I find it frustrating to have to stop. I'm prevaricating now! I should really be 'getting on with it' but all I've done is cut out 600 words from 'Sunlight' so I thought I'd better stop before I end up decimating it.

Captain: My brain is very strange. It stores snippets from here there and everywhere. I thought I'd heard that 'blinking' sentence on Dr Who!

Leigh: Thanks for popping by.

Mother X: Thanks for your support and see you on Monday!

Cait O'Connor: Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words.


L-Plate Author said...

It's a pleasure Annie, and it works both ways.

I agree with you about council fodder but I've done it from the other side. I'm writing about the tenants and housing officers...plenty of food for thought there. A bit like shameless without the men, just strong women getting through life with the help of their friends.

Oh I wish I had known you were meeting up. I have to go to Birmingham for some boring conference, but I'm sure out paths will cross eventually! x

Lane said...

That's a nice personal post Annie. Thanks. Chucking 'lucky dust' over your way - but I don't think you'll need it:-)

KAREN said...

What a lovely post, and I hope you have a lovely time on Monday :o)


Aaahh, Annie soooo sweet of you, It's a pleasure to make you smile m'dear. Keep writing, but stop for food! :) TFX

Debs said...

Thanks, Annie. I'd love to be there on Monday, hopefully another time, I'll get to meet every one.

HelenMH said...

Tons of lucky dust. Can't wait to see you on Monday xxxx

Pat Posner said...

Aww, Annie, I love visiting your blog. I also love reading (and writing) sagas so it's great to read your experiences en route to becoming a published saga author.

I see from your profile you started The Write Eye in Nov 2007 -so don't forget your blog's birthday!

Have a lovely time in London; I also love visiting the blogs of the bloggers you're meeting.